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Performed cadastre maps and plans

  • Salzitsa settlement, Varna city
  • Pchelina settlement, Varna city
  • Kochmar settlement, Varna city
  • Zdravets village, Varna district
  • Sushina village, Shumen district
  • Captazha location, Burgas district
  • Suhoto Dere location, Burgas district
  • Piramidata, Burgas district

Performed plans for restoring the property on agricultural lands

  • Plan of land splitting of Obedinenie village, Polski Trambesh municipality of 35 000 ha area
  • Plan of land splitting of Lesichovo village, Pazardzhik district of 28 000 ha area
  • Plan of land splitting of Sheremetya village, Veliko Tarnovo district
  • Plans of forest splitting of the village from Antonovo municipality, Targovishte district

Contracting parties of cadastre plans and maps

  • Burgas District Administration
  • Varna Disctrict Administration
  • Byala municipality, Varna district
  • Suvorovo municipality, Varna district
  • Agency of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre

Contracting parties of engineering and design geodesic services

  • TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD
  • Е_on Bulgaria Grids EAD
  • Agropolychim EAD, Devnya town



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