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Scope of activity

We are specialized in carrying out services related to Geodesy, Cadastre and Digital Photogrammetry. We not only offer preciseness in terms of high quality performance of your orders, but we offer to you free consultations. Their purpose is to clarify and solve your issues associated to investment design, geodesy and cadastre. Over the past 18 years since the establishment of Preciz Injenering Ltd at out company there have been carried out thousands of geodesic assignments related to the completion of different projects.

Course of development

Preciz Injenering Ltd was established in 1994. Manager of the company is Dimitar Ignatov Petrov, Dr. Eng in Geodesy, Pothogrammetry and Cartography with 35 years experience as a geodesist, topographer and administrator.
He has taken positions as:

  • Military geodesist and topographer - Employee at Military Topographic Service of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Scientist at Scientific Research Sector at Military Topographic Service
  • Deputy Manager of Head Administration of Land Reform with Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reform – North Bulgaria Sector
  • Manager of the company since 1995.

Entered at the Register of Persons Competent to Carry Out Activities in Geodesy and Cadastre.

Technical Abilities

The high quality performance of the projects is implemented with the support of modern equipment for carrying out high frequency geodesic measurements. 
The Preciz Injenering Ltd’s team is made of perfectly prepared specialists – masters and bachelors in Geodesy.


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